Thursday, December 9, 2010

My personal Top Ten

I got the idea for this little list from Anthony Neil Smith over at Day Labor. (Yeah, you know, the official blog of Crimefactory) If you haven’t read the post yet, pop over right HERE and give it a gander. But what Neil did was put together a personal top ten of things he dug through out the year, and I figured, what the hell, maybe it would make a decent post for old Bloody Knucks

So here’s my personal top ten:

10) Writing for Spinetingler

Hard to believe my whole relationship with Lindenmuth started after he completely trashed my first short story in Plots with Guns. It’s been a blast, and it’ll be interesting to see what the future holds for this seminal publication

9) Family Guy

This is the rock of my nightly broadcasted entertainment. Peter Griffin never gets old

8) Blue Wasabi

Me and the wife’s favorite restaurant. Awesome fusion sushi place/martini bar a couple of miles from our place. Martini’s and raw fish make an awesome combo.

7) Shock Top

I’m not a huge fan of wheat beer (or anything manufactured by Coors) but damn, on a hot day (which is pretty frequent in Phoenix) nothing tastes better than this crisp brew.

6) My Stromboli

I make it once or twice a month. The very definition of comfort food

5) My iPad

I write, read, game, listen to music, and once I have the keyboard (This is a not so subtle hint to the wife of what I want for Christmas.) it’s going to completely replace the laptop.

4) Getting to meet Cam

It was cool cruising around the desert with Smashley as my co-pilot and getting to map out the direction of Crimefactory for the next year.

3) Getting laid off from my job

It was a shock at first, it threw our lives into turmoil, but now that I’m a couple of weeks removed from the event itself, I’m actually kind of glad it happened. After six years, the truth is I was burnt out and I was on cruise control most days, counting the hours until I could get home so I could write and hang out with my family. It’s true what they say, sometimes things happen for a reason

2) Crimefactory

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m still—yeah even after a year—floored by the response the magazine has received, the quality of work we’ve been publishing and the strides me, Cam, and Liam are trying to make in order to make CF even better than it has been. 2011 is going to be a great year and I hope you all stick around to see what we’re going to do next.

1) My wife and daughter.

Yeah, Mrs. Rawson and our little girl rock.


  1. Well said, my friend. A damn fine top ten indeed.

  2. This is the best blog. It is "frame worthy". I knew you would be happier writing at home with your family.

  3. The beauty of the start of our friendship is that you'll always know I'm never blowing smoke up your ass :)

  4. the man who put "raw" in rawson...stay frosty, amigo...

  5. Glad to see you found the positives from losing your job and you are quite correct - Family Guy Rocks